CVmap3093AC      Automatic mercury C-V system

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CVmap3093AC : Automatic mercury C-V system CVmap3093AC : Automatic mercury C-V system

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Automatic mercury C-V system


Full-Auto CVMAP systems make it possible to locally form a "soft" electrical contact of the MOS, MIS or Schottky type, thus allowing the analysis of the various intrinsic parameters of the material such as breakdown current, doping density, dielectric constant (K, Qbd, TDDB) etc. Thanks to its cassette/cassette system and the presence of an automatic aligner, the system will be able to map the entire surface of a 12-inch wafer in a fully automated manner without the intervention of the user. The wafer is recovered in its cassette, aligned and positioned on the chuck then measured. Once the measurement is finished, it is automatically put back in its place and in the correct slot. The entire test is carried out in a completely secure manner since no direct contact is possible between the user and the sample during the measurement. Unlike Van Der Paw or 4-point in-line measurements, this technique avoids damaging the surface layer of the material to be analyzed while increasing measurement accuracy.

Measurable areas:

- Pure Silicon
- Silicon carbide (SiC)
- Low and high K film
- Very thin oxide layer
- Carbon fiber
- USJ layer
- Up to 300mm in diameter


• Measurable capacitance: 0 to 20nF
• Current measurement range: 50fA to 1mA
• Sample size: from 10x10mm to 300x300mm
• Minimum contact area: 2E-5 cm2

Application :

- Checking the integrity of thin oxides
- Doping density profiling
- Resistivity measurements of semi-insulating materials and carbon fiber
- Pseudo MOST characterization of SOI structures
- Measurement on films with high and low K (USJ layer)
- Studies of ferroelectric samples
- Characterization of new materials such as silicon carbide (SiC)

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