S1160      General purpose probe station

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products

S1160      General purpose probe station

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products


The S1160 will support a broad range of precision probing applications including IV, CV, dies, wafers...
Modular, it can accept many options and accessories for multi-purpose (temperature, low current...) applications

- Quick platen lift allows contact / no contact
- Accept microscope (bino / trino)
- Accept wafers up to 8'' (wafers 200mm)
- Angular wafer setup
- Allows up to 8 DC micropositioner or probe card
- Heavy body for better stability


S1160A-8N : Moving of optical bridge for turret microscope
S1160B-8N : Moving of optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
S1160C-8N : Fixed optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope


Technical Specifications

Sample holding

Vacuum ring, zone selection

Stage Drive


Chuck travel X-Y

200 mm

Chuck material



1.6 TPI

Chuck stage Z travel


Chuck planarity adjustment



< 10 µm

Theta range

360 Degree

Rotation lock


Z range platen

30 mm

Contact/no contact platen lever

10 mm with a repeatability of +/- 1µm

Platen material

Steel for vacuum or magnetic micropositioner

Scope stage drive type


XY scope stage travel

X-Y 50x50mm - Résolution 10µm

Compatible optics

Stereozoom microscope


Microscope, hot chuck, probe card...

Associated products

S47 - Probe card adapter
Mechanical fixture for mounting a probecard of 4.5" width (114 mm) on a prober.

- Provide signals to the DUT while making analysis with separate needles controlled from micropositionners
- 2 models are available, one with no adjustment, another with theta adjustment

S725P - Micropositioner S725 with pivot head
This economic micropositioner will allow landing on pads or lines down to 20 µm.

- Pivot head (quick Z down before fine adjust, ideal for probe station)
UxTB - Coaxial Probe holder with teflon isolation
Specifically designed for low noise measurements, the coaxial probe holder allows probing at low leakage
MOTICAM1080 - Digital Camera
Camera adaptable on all trinocular microscopes, useful for live positionning.

- Multi-output for live view on monitor
S926P - Precision micropositioner S926 with pivot head
This Precision positioner packaged in a small footprint allows placing probe tip on pads ou lines within accuracy of the micrometer.

- The Pivot head is perfect for a quick positioning in Z
- Other versions of the S926 offer Spring head (limiting needle pressure) or fixed head
TA-VIS-7575 - Active antivibration table
The table allows pneumatic filtering of vibrations, the 4 dampers efficiently filter the mechanical noise from the ground or neighbourhood for an ultra fine probe analysis, inspection or assembly.

- Platens available in several dimensions upon size and weight of the equipment
- Individually adjustable air pressure sensors at each corner
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