Isolating boxes


These boxes are used to isolate the component under test of external disturbances such as light or magnetic radiations during probing analysis
• Size, configuration and connections are customized per application
• The biggest model contains the entire test station while the basic model is more like suitcase-type 
• Dark box or Faraday cage depending on the application and filtering needed​
Dark box
The main function of the box is to isolate the component under test of the light and likely of the electrical disturbances, the box is totally closed during the test and grounded. It is to be used on the test stations not offering a local chamber.
• Electrical and light isolation
• Connectors on separate panels thru the chamber
• Custom sizes and configurations
Customized dark box
Customized dark box
For probing systems that do not have local chamber option, Microworld manufactures Dark Boxes designed to completely enclose a micro probe station or other system.

- Electrical and light isolation
- Feed-thru connectors adapted to the instrumentation to be connected
- Goose-neck for cable access
- Customizable design dimensions.

Faraday cage
The Faraday cage is an hermetic chamber used to protect the component under test of external electric or electromagnetic disturbances, or inversely protect the outside world ofthe emission produced by an equipment. Particularly efficient on the high frequencies RF wavelenghts, the Faraday cage will filter the external unwanted waves.
• The models are designed after review of the specification sheet provided by the user
• All size and connections styles are possible
• The level of filtering and specific range are defined during the configuration proposal
Faraday box
Faraday box
For High Frequencies Microwave application, Faraday baox is used to isolate probing system or other system from electrical noise.

- Feedthrough specific connectors
- Size and detail upon request
- Specific frequency filtering

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