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WL1160-x      Manual RF probe station

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products

WL1160-x      Manual RF probe station

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products

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Manual RF probe station



Economical while professional prober for RF and Microwave probing applications, available for single die, partial or full wafer up to 8".

- DC to 110 GHz measurement
- Stable platen and specific anti-resonant chuck construction
- Individual chuck for RF probes with independant rotation
- Quick lift platen and fine Z adjustment
- Allows binocular or trinocular microscope (Tilt-back clearing option)
- Accept up to 4 RF micropositioners and 4 DC micropositioners simultaneously


Technical Specifications

Wafer size

Sample holding

Stage Drive

Chuck travel X-Y

Chuck material


Chuck stage Z travel


Chuck planarity adjustment

Theta range

Rotation lock

Z range platen

Contact/no contact platen lever


Scope stage drive

Scope stage travel

Microscope lift

Compatible optics

Calibration Chuck


100, 150 or 200 mm

Vacuum hole, zone selection


200 mm


1.6 TPI


< 10 µm


30° coarse - 15° fine Degree


30 mm

10 mm with a repeatability of +/- 1µm

Steel for vacuum or magnetic micropositioner


X-Y 50x50mm - Résolution 10µm


Stereozoom microscope

Calibration chuck with independant angular setup

Microscope, hot chuck, probe card...

Associated products

SM40 - RF & Microwave micropositioner
The SM40 micropositioner is specifically designed for RF probing, it has one inch translation capabilities in all axes and a cross-roller bearings to prevent accidentally moving the tip if bumped.

- Accepts all types of coplanar RF probes
- Perfectly stable with screw-lock fixation on the platen (optional magnetic base)
- An integral co-planarity adjustment provides for adjusting multicontact planarities (GS, GSG, GSGSG configurations)
- It is available with various head configurations allowing the microwave head to be introduced from the front, rear

SMZ168 - Stereozoom microscope
Stereozoom microscope with trinocular head for probe tip placement.

- High working distance (WD = 113 mm)
- C-mount for digital camera
- Several objectives and eyepieces for wide range of magnification
MWRF-40A - RF probe 40 GHz
Serie of probes for RF Microwave applications up to 40GHz, GSG, GS, SG or "dual" configurations (dual = 2 probes on 1 positionner)

• These probes are available in different pitch from 25µm to 2540µm
• Various mounting styles for positionners
• Female K connector 2,9mm
• Available in BeCu, Nickel or Tungsten
• Non Magnetic option
• High temperature and high current / high voltage versions, please ask us
MW-CS - Calibration substrate for RF probes
Accurate, easy-to-use calibration substrates, calibration coefficients, to correct the measurement system (network analyzer + cabling + probe) whenever it produces a reading different than the standard.
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