Microscopes & Optics


Our range of microscopes suits all applications of visualization at either low or high magnification, with adapted ligthting by Led or optical fiber. The microscopes are usually mounted on probe stations but they can be supplied with separate post and table for inspection, incoming control...
• Binocular or trinocular (for camera mounting) head with continuous zoom
• "High power" microscope with multi-objectives turret
• Mono-objective models with electronic magnification
• Digital Cameras, accessories, objectives

Multi-objectives turret Microscope
Mono-objective Microscopes
Useful for inspection, device characterization, tests and analysis, the high precision optics and the unique objective provide a continuous magnification within an extended range
• Zooming manual or motorized
• Powerful options : "laser ready", software/hardware control, objective holder for interchangeability...
• Suitable to a variety of probers including semi-auto models
• Particularly adapted for cold measurements with a local chamber where the objective cannot be moved so as to avoid frost​ing
Single-objective microscope
Single-objective microscope
This microscope allows the same magnification than a multi-objectives turret miscoscope in a smaller footprint.
Its trinocular head allows the use of digital camera and/or a laser.

- The illumination is made by LED
- C-mount for camera
- High working distance (WD)
Mono zoom videoscope
Mono zoom videoscope
This microscope is composed by a single objective and an internal zoom.
It allows a wide range of magnification without turret disadvantage for probing application.

- Light and compact
- Large working distance WD (ideal for high frequencies measurements applications)
- C-mount for camera
- High brightness (optical fiber)
Binocular & Trinocular
Binocular or trinocular microscopes with continuous zoom
• Ultra-long working distance allows a maximum space underneath the objective
• High quality optics give a superior clearer view and a maximized field of view
• Lighting standard or fiber optic single or dual arm (cold light)
• Numerous options and accessories allow responding to all applications where a high magnification is not necessary​
Stereozoom microscope
Stereozoom microscope
Stereozoom microscope with trinocular head for probe tip placement.

- High working distance (WD = 113 mm)
- C-mount for digital camera
- Several objectives and eyepieces for wide range of magnification
LED illuminator
LED illuminator
Illumination set for stereozoom microscope.

- Annular shape provides a uniform illumination
- Intensity adjustable, on/off switch
Specific cameras adapted to microscopes with a trinocular head
• Designed for an efficient visual support and able to produce detailed photogtaphies
• Capture and measurement software supplied in standard with the cameras
• High resolution up to 5 Megapixels
• Connection to computer or external video

Digital camera 1.2Mpx
Digital camera 1.2Mpx
Digital camera adaptable on all trinocular microscopes, useful for live positionning.
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Camera adaptable on all trinocular microscopes, useful for live positionning.

- Multi-output for live view on monitor
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