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Our range of microscopes suits all applications of visualization at either low or high magnification, with adapted ligthting by Led or optical fiber. The microscopes are usually mounted on probe stations but they can be supplied with separate post and table for inspection, incoming control... • Binocular or trinocular (for camera mounting) head with continuous zoom • "High power" microscope with multi-objectives turret • Mono-objective models with electronic magnification • Digital Cameras, accessories, objectives
The High Power Microscope
The High Power Microscope
  • Magnification range : 20 to 2000 X
  • Camera capable : Yes

Microscope for fine inspection and high magnifications, the PSM1000 combines a high level of technicity and a quality/price second to none ratio A range of standard accessories is available including a variety of objectivesThe trinocular head accepts a choice of caméras (analog or digital)The microscope can be used as a stand alone inspection microscope or mounted onto Analytical probers...

Electronic magnification microscope
Electronic magnification microscope
  • Magnification range : 15X to 30kX
  • Illumination : Halogen optical fiber

Analytical microscope for microelectronics inspections, development, testing and analysis, precision zoom optics and single objective provide an extended and continuous magnification range with a long and fixed working distance. True 40:1 (10:1) continous optical zoom75x - 3060x (140x - 1400x) magnification range with 10x objective60% gain in NA for better resolution and greater light efficiencyP...

Single-objective microscope
Single-objective microscope
  • Magnification range : 54X à 700X X
  • Illumination : Internal LED

This microscope allows the same magnification than a multi-objectives turret miscoscope in a smaller footprint. Its trinocular head allows the use of digital camera and/or a laser. The illumination is made by LED. ...

Stereozoom microscope
Stereozoom microscope
  • Magnification range : 7.5X à 50X (Max 130X depending on used ocular)
  • Illumination : Not included (optical fiber or Led)
  • Internal zoom : 0.75, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 X

Microscope with trinocular (camera optional) zoom body with continuous zoom range, ultra-long working distance providing a comfortable working area below the objective. High quality optics with amazing clarity and depth of viewComplete image parfocalityA complete range of options and accessories allows qualifying the SMZ168 serie for each application where highest magnification is not an issue...

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
  • Resolution : 5.0MP (2592x1944) Mpx
  • Connection : USB 3.0

Camera adaptable on all trinocular microscopes, wide field-of-view for an efficient visual help and for precise screen images Capture and measurement software suppliedHigh resolution sensor ...

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
  • Resolution : HD Camera (1920x1080) Mpx
  • Connection : USB 2.0 - HDMI

Camera adaptable on all trinocular microscopes, wide field-of-view for an efficient visual help and for precise screen images Capture and measurement software suppliedHigh resolution 5 Megapixels ...

LED illuminator
LED illuminator
  • Lamp type : LED x 60
  • Light intensity : 15.000 Lux
  • Power supply : 12V ext

Illumination set for stereozoom microscope Annular shape provides a uniform illuminationIntensity adjustable, on/off switch ...

Optical fiber illuminator
Optical fiber illuminator
  • Lamp type : Halogen 21V/150W EKE
  • Light intensity : 120.000 Lux

Illuminator Halogen for stereozoom microscope A ring light guide provides uniform illuminationAdjustable intensity on front panel or by remote....

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