PowerPro Probe stations

PROBE STATIONS - PowerPro Probe stations

With the PowerPro solutions, users can now probe their wafers up to 10kV coax and 450A pulsed for off-state, on-state and current collapse characterizations. For on-state measurements the PowerPro provides the user the option of pad-level Kelvin probing on one integrated probe. The innovative and unique design provides the flexibility to adjust probe size and X-Y-Z position for evolving pad designs.
• The voltages range from 3kV triax to 10kV coax, current 450A pulsed, 10A DC
• Specific anti-arcing solution
• Specially designed High Current Probe and High Voltage Probe
• Gold plated High Power Chuck with zoned vaccum control and Kelvin connections for high current and high voltage
• Typical Probe Stations Platforms for the PowerPro configuration : WL350, WL210e, CM170
Dark box for high power application
Dark box for high power application
Compact solution for High-voltage (HV) and High-current (HC) measurements

- Up to 10kV
- Keithley and Keysight compatibility
- Safety interlock
High power package (10kV/450A)
High power package (10kV/450A)
High power package for manual or semi-automatic probe station for high power componants such as MOSFET, IGBT, Diodes...

- Configuration and accessories for High-voltage measurments : 3kV (triax) / 10kV (coax)
- Configuration and accessories for High-current measurments : 450A pulsed
- Compatible with Keithley or Keysight instruments
- Special probecards to prevent air arcing (pressure)
- High Voltage chuck with dischage
- Thermal option : -60°C à +300°C
- The PowerPro package offers all accessories assuring safety to the end user (Interlock, discharge box, dark box etc...)
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