Temperature controllers - Hot/Cold chucks

ACCESSORIES FOR PROBE STATIONS - Temperature controllers - Hot/Cold chucks

Our range of temperature controllers associated with a specific chuck will allow you to measure under needes all your devices according to your test requirements at high temperatures
• Models heating up only, ambient to 300°C and more
• Tri-temp versions for hot/cold testing
• Ramp option allows varying the temperature for a set of measurements
• External GPIB control, triax low current option..
Hot/cold chuck
Hot/cold chuck
The trip-temp chuck and controller (ambient-hot-cold) ranges from -65°C to +300°C and allows a complete temperature characterization of devices, whether they are partial wafers or full wafers up to 12".

- The temperature parameters setting is by the front panel or GPIB control
- The transition time from hot to cold or reverse is one of the fastest on the market
- It is possible to program a ramp while heating up
- For negative temperatures (below some °C), a local enclosure with N2 or air dryier is available
Thermal chuck
Thermal chuck
For 50 years ERS has been developing thermal chucks compatible with all probetest stations.

They have the following properties :
- High temperature: 300 ° C
- Low temperature: Patented airflow technology allows cooling down to -60 ° C
- Chuck TRIAX for low current measurement (FemtoAmp)
- Chuck High Voltage
- Non magnetic chuck
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