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F20-xx      UV Dicing Tape

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products

F20-xx      UV Dicing Tape

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products


• PVC based film with UV sensitive adhesive
• Good and homogeneous expansion after dicing in order to separate the dies for a safe picking
• The UV features alllow a high adhesion while dicing and a low adhesion after UV curing for picking
• Backing layer
• Packaged in roll hermetic packing (metallized sleeve)


  • F20-6.0 : 152 mm width
  • F20-10.0 : 254 mm width
  • F20-11.0 : 280 mm width
  • F20-12.0 : 305 mm width

Technical Specifications




Adhesion force on Si before UV

Adhesion force on Si After UV


100 m

25 to >450 mm


320 @30' g/300mm

15 @30' g/300mm

95 µm

Associated products

UH130-x - Semi-automatic Die Matrix expander
The UH130 automatically expands the adhesive tape so as to present the dies in an evenly spaced parallel matrix to facilitate pick-and-place or die attach operations, adapt to all wafer/film frame up to 300mm.

• Temperature-controlled heated stage
• 3-inch vertical stroke control with speed control, pneumatic UH130 or by stepping motor UH132
• Upper and lower clamp assembly for different size wafers
• Increases throughput and yield through gentle die separation
• Emergency Stop with manual clamp
UH104-x - Manual UV curing system
Benchtop low-profile system, the UH104 offers an exceptional flexibility and repeatability in the curing of UV films for dicing or backgrinding.

• Manual loading, automatic UV process
• Replaceable ozone-free UV lamp 365nm
• Ideal for Low volume and RnD applications
• Available in 8" (and smaller) or 12" version
UH114-x - Manual wafer/frame film mounter
Manual wafer/frame film applicator with uniform adhesion film and no bubbles (wafer stress released), accepts all film frame styles, for wafers up to 300 mm.

• Temperature controlled platen
• Buil-in circular cutter for cutting film on film frame, build-in end cutter for film separation
• Operates with backed or non backed films
• Vacuum securing wafer stage offered in 2 versions (standard or thin-wafer-chuck..)
FF-xx - Wafer film frame used for dicing wafer-substrate
Wafer film frame used for maintaining the plastic tape during or after dicing operations, for wafer up to 300 mm (12")

• Standard material Stainless steel (alu optional)
• Sizes and shapes adapted to the dicing equipment, 
• Plastic models available for shipping purposes
AP-xx - Plastic Grip-Ring for wafers up to 12
Used to maintain the adhesive tape during dicing processes or typically after the tape expansion, the plastic rings is composed of a pair (inner and outer ring) made of Lexan, a strong a light fiberglass material.

• They can hold the expanded plastic film and the dies largely separated for a safe picking
• Available for wafers up to 300 mm

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