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FF-xx      Wafer film frame used for dicing wafer-substrate

FF-xx      Wafer film frame used for dicing wafer-substrate

Product Images Technical Specifications Associated Products

Technical Specifications

Wafer film frame used for maintaining the plastic tape during or after dicing operations, for wafer up to 300 mm (12")

  • Standard material Stainless steel (alu optional)
  • Sizes and shapes adapted to the dicing equipment, 
  • Plastic models available for shipping purposes


  • FF108 : For 8'' wafer, ID = 9.842" OD = 11.643"
  • FF070 : For 150mm wafer, ID = 7.638 OD = 8.976
  • FFxxx : Other wafer sizes, please consult

Wafer size

4, 6, 8, 12 Inch

Inside diameter

Upon reference

Outside diameter

Upon référence


1.22 mm


Stainless Steel, Aluminium, plastic

Associated products

UH130-x - Semi-automatic Die Matrix expander
The UH130 automatically expands the adhesive tape so as to present the dies in an evenly spaced parallel matrix to facilitate pick-and-place or die attach operations, adapt to all wafer/film frame up to 300mm. Temperature-controlled heated stage3-inch vertical stroke control with speed control, pneumatic UH130 or by stepping motor UH132Upper and lower clamp assembly for different size wafersIncreases throughput and yield through gentle die separationEmergency Stop with manual clamp ...
UH114-x - Manual wafer/frame film mounter
Manual wafer/frame film applicator with uniform adhesion film and no bubbles (wafer stress released), accepts all film frame styles, for wafers up to 300 mm. Temperature controlled platenBuil-in circular cutter for cutting film on film frame, build-in end cutter for film separationOperates with backed or non backed filmsVacuum securing wafer stage offered in 2 versions (standard or thin-wafer-chuck..) ...
F07-xx - Standard Dicing Tape
Medium adhesion forcePVC expandable base with acrylic adhesiveNo silicone (contaminants-free)Packaged in roll...
F20-xx - UV Dicing Tape
PVC based film with UV sensitive adhesiveGood and homogeneous expansion after dicing in order to separate the dies for a safe pickingThe UV features alllow a high adhesion while dicing and a low adhesion after UV curing for pickingBacking layerPackaged in roll hermetic packing (metallized sleeve) ...
F42-xx - UV Antistatic Dicing Tape
Poly-Olefin based dicing tape with UV sensitive adhesive packaged in roll with backing layer.The tape has an antistatic layer which dissipates the negative charge build-upThe UV sensitive adhesive provides a high tackiness for dicing and a low value for die pick upPackaged in roll hermetic packing (metallized sleeve) ...
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