Hand-held 4 point probe system

SRM232Hand-held 4 point probe system

The portable resistivity system is a device that offers the possibility of measuring resistivity, resistance, surface resistance or thickness on a wide variety of materials of varying sizes. Thanks to its battery operation, this system has versatile applications that can be used in various fields.


- Si, Ge, SiGe, SiC, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, GaN, ZnO, TCO
- Oxide deposit
- Photovoltaic
- Ceramic & Glass
- Optoelectronic component
- Nanomaterials
-Sensors, MEMS
- Conductive polymer
- Batteries
- Electrodes


• 4 models/measurement ranges available with suitable calibrator
• Interchangeable 4-point head
• Applications: Conductivity/resistivity of layers on large panels, fuselages, bodywork... or in totally mobile measurement on an external site.
ABOUT OUR Handheld systems
Portable 4-point measuring system, used to measure resistivity by the 4-point in-line method.
The major advantage of this system is its portability. It will allow you to move on any sample size ideal for aeronautic, automotive and spatial...


SRM232-10: Sheet resistance range: 0 Ω/sq to 10 Ω/sq - Resolution 0.004 Ω/sq
SRM232-100: Sheet resistance range: 0 Ω/sq to 100 Ω/sq - Resolution 0.07 Ω/sq
SRM232-1000: Sheet resistance range: 0 Ω/sq to 1000 Ω/sq - Resolution 0.7 Ω/sq
SRM232-2000 : Sheet resistance range: 0 Ω/sq to 2000 Ω/sq - Resolution 0.8 Ω/sq


• Several ranges of resistivity according to measured layers
• Calibrator available
• Tips mounted on springs allowing contact by pressure
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