Microworld offers a set of equipment and accessories for the electrical & mechanical characterization of thin semiconductor layers. The techniques used make it possible to measure intrinsic parameters such as the resistivity, the mobility, the dielectric constant or the Young's modulus of various types of conductives, semi-conductives or insulating substrates. These systems can be portables, manuals or semi-automatics and thus allow the study of samples from the size of a chip up 12 inch (300mm) wafer.


4-point-probe in-line measurement systems (Ohm's law) to determine sheet resistances (and/or resistivity, thickness)
No-contact measurement systems to extract resistivity or thickness using eddy currents
Hall effect measurement systems (Van Der Pauw method) to calculate mobility and the concentration of charge carriers (majors dopants)
Mercury drop contact measurement systems to characterize oxides and extract K factor (dielectric constant), Vbd (breakdown current), Cox and Tox, etc...
Mechanical characterization systems (optical profilometers, mechanical testers, tribometers)


- Si, Ge, SiGe, SiC, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, GaN, ZnO, TCOs, ITOs
- Optoelectronics components
- Nanomaterials
- Sensors, MEMS
- Conductives polymers
- Oxide deposits
- Ceramics & Glass
- Batteries
- Electrodes
- Photovoltaic
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