Probing a packaged device

A packaged device can be possibly tested under needles for failure analysis purposes. The die needs to be accessed by chemical etching or mechanical opening of the cover. A specific accessory is then needed to hold the device while testing with a probe station accepting the specific holder. Microworld offers the global solution.
General purpose probe station
General purpose probe station
The S1160 will support a broad range of precision probing applications including IV, CV, dies, wafers...
Modular, it can accept many options and accessories for multi-purpose (temperature, low current...) applications

- Quick platen lift allows contact / no contact
- Accept microscope (bino / trino)
- Accept wafers up to 8'' (wafers 200mm)
- Angular wafer setup
- Allows up to 8 DC micropositioner or probe card
- Heavy body for better stability


S1160A-8N : Moving of optical bridge for turret microscope
S1160B-8N : Moving of optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
S1160C-8N : Fixed optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
Stereozoom microscope
Stereozoom microscope
Stereozoom microscope with trinocular head for probe tip placement.

- High working distance (WD = 110 mm)
- C-mount for digital camera
- Several objectives and eyepieces for wide range of magnification
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