Sample holder for HMS series

SPCBSample holder for HMS series

These easy probe holders are composed of a small pcb on which the sample under test is held using spring clips.
The sample to measure is square with a pretty small size.

- Four individually adjustable gold plated spring needles allow a good electrical contact on each corner (may need a point of Indium solder deposited for better contact, not always necessary, depends on sample material).
- No soldering necessary
ABOUT OUR Sample holders
A wide range of sample holders compatible with the different Hall Effect measurement systems are available. Choices will depend of the size and thickness of the material to be measured.
They are composed of a PCB board on which are fixed 4 metallic pogo-pins which ensure contact with the sample. It possible to improve the ohmic contact by using Indium (InSn) drop or silver paste (Ag).


• Pogo-pins Gold-plated Bronze/Phosphorus - Non-magnetic
• Pins mounted on independent springs (ensuring a soft contact)
• X,Y,Z movement possible
• Contact at the 4 corners of the sample


- Electronic components
- Photovoltaics cells
- Nanomaterials
- Conductive polymers
- Oxide deposit
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