Multipurpose tweezer

STD-tweezersMultipurpose tweezer

Wide choice of high precision tweezers for applications in electronics, medical industry and others (watchmaking, etc.).
Different materials and finishes for each use.
Wafer tweezers

Wafer-tweezersWafer tweezers

We offer a wide range of tweezers specially designed for handling wafers.
They are made of metal and plastic for soft contact with the sample.
Use is made easier by the absence of a vacuum line.
Wafer vacuum handling tool

Wafer-VacWafer vacuum handling tool

As wafers are very fragile and must not be polluted by contact, we offer vacuum handling tool for wafer.
Different tools ensure that each wafer size is maintained correctly.
Pen for sample handling

Pen-VacPen for sample handling

This pen makes it easy to handle samples.
By pressing a button, a vacuum is created, which allows the sample to be held.
This product can be taken anywhere where handling is required.
ABOUT OUR Handling tools
Samples and wafers are very fragile products and must not be polluted by external elements.
Handling is a critical moment and must be carried out with specialized tools.
Our tweezers and vacuum system help minimize these risks.

We offer a wide range of different tools:
- Simple tweezers
- Wafer tweezers
- Wafer vacuum handling tool
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