High Power Probing

Specifically needed for certain devices within the automotive applications and others, the High-Power-Probing option is available on our probing stations of the model WL350, WL210e, WL370
The Voltage-Current attainable is : From 3kV triax to 10kV coax, 10A DC to 450A pulsed
• Specific anti-arcing solution
• Special High-Current (Kelvin) and High-Voltage probe tips (Triax or Coax)
Turret (High Power) microscope
Turret (High Power) microscope
High power microscope for fine inspection and high magnifications.
The PSM1000 is useful for precision contact on very small surfaces.

- It can be used as a stand alone or mounted onto Analytical probe station
- A range of accessories is available including a variety of objectives (polarizer, analyzer...)
- The trinocular head accepts a choice of digital cameras
- Spectroscopic applications available
High power chuck
High power chuck
The high power chuck has been designed for use when probing at high voltage or high current.

- 150, 200 or 300 mm size available
- For very high voltage measurement (10KV)
High Current Probe
High Current Probe
The Kelvin-capable HCP high current probe is the only probe design on this type in the industry today. The multi-probe design distributes current among the contact points and heat sink remove heat from probe-pad interface to prevent overheating. The unique design gives the user the ability to have Kelvin access to device at the pad level.

- Specs PowerPro 3kV triax / 10kV coax, 450A pulsed / 10A DC
- Tungsten probes, ceramic body for high temperature use
- Mounting on RF positioner
- Complementary to our PowerPro probe systems
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