Mercury contact probing systems

LAYER CHARACTERIZATION - Mercury contact probing systems

CV series measurement systems use a drop of mercury to achieve soft contact on various types of materials. Unlike Van Der Paw or 4-point line measurements, this technique does not damage the surface layer of the material to be analyzed. This electrical contact formed locally can be of the MOS, MIS or Schottky barrier type and therefore allows several types of electrical characterizations requiring no preparation via metal deposition for example.

This technique gives access to measurements of dielectric constant, breakdown current, doping density, etc.

Measurable areas:

- Pure Silicon
- Silicon carbide (SiC)
- Low and high K film
- Very thin oxide layer
- Carbon fiber
- USJ layer
- Up to 300mm in diameter

Application :

- Chopped oxide integrity monitoring
- Doping density profiling
- Resistivity measurements of semi-insulating materials and carbon fiber
- Pseudo MOST characterization of SOI structures
- Measurement on films with high and low K (USJ layer)
- Studies of ferroelectric samples
- Characterization of new materials such as silicon carbide (SiC)
Manual C-V measurement system by mercury contact
Manual C-V measurement system by mercury contact
The manual model CV92M, is a manual station allowing the characterization of semiconductor layer by mercury contact. The sample is positioned on a chuck above a probe containing the drop of mercury. When the user activates the push button, the probe approaches the sample and a tiny drop of mercury is released to ensure electrical contact. The movements of the chuck are motorized and a control panel makes it possible to read its position in real time. The probe and the chuck connected in BNC, allow communication with an external source-measurement device (which can be supplied).

CV92M is perfectly suited for users looking to make mercury contact measurements in a low cost, safe and easy to use way.


- Wide range of measurable materials (insulation, SOI, SiC.)
- Non-destructive contact
- No preparation required
- Ultra repeatable
- Different type of measurement (1pt, Radius, Line
Semi-automatic mercury C-V system
Semi-automatic mercury C-V system
Semi-automatic CVmap systems can perform C-V traces at various frequencies up to 10MHz and/or large current I-V traces at user-specified sites in an ultra repeatable manner.
These systems allow the measurement of different physical parameters of many types of samples such as SOI, SiC, low and high k films, extremely thin or thick oxides, doped semiconductors, USJ layers (carrier density ), carbon films.

The software part allows the configuration of several types of measurement and the display of the results in a simple and fast way. We therefore have access to the thicknesses of the insulating film, to the dielectric constants, to the leakage currents, to the densities of ion implant at low dose, to the densities of epitaxial doping but also to the integrity parameters of the oxides such as their Qbd, TDDB, defect density, breakdown voltage and the distribution of interface traps.

Through connections to an external probe station, a wafer with patterns of Si, Al or other metallic grid can also be tested and mapped. Oven contaminations can be checked with this tool as well.


- Wide range of measurable materials (insulation, SOI, SiC.)
- Non-destructive contact
- No preparation required
- Ultra repeatable
- Different type of measurement (1pt, Radius, Line)
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