ABOUT OUR Mercury contact probing systems
CV series measurement systems use a drop of mercury to achieve soft contact on various types of materials. Unlike Van Der Paw or 4-point in-line measurements, this technique avoids damaging the surface layer of the material to be analyzed. This electrical contact formed locally can be a MOS, MIS or Schottky type and therefore allows several way of electrical characterizations requiring no preparation via metal deposition for example.

Measurable parameters:

- Oxides characterization (Dit, Qbd, Vbd, R, Res, I-V, Vfb)
- Dielectric constant (K)
- Oxide thickness by C(V) or I(V)
- Defect density K-f (UHF)
- Ion implantation (dose)
- Implantation penetration depth
- Dopant density (epitaxy or bulk)
- Mapping of USJ layer
- Pseudo MOST test
- Ferroelectric characterization (K-E, P-E, K-f, K-T, Hysteresis)
- Lifetime of dopants

Measurable material:

- Pure Silicon
- Silicon carbide (SiC)
- SOI (Silicon On Insulator)
- Low and high K film
- Very thin oxide layer
- Carbon films
- USJ layer
- Silicon oxide


• Oxide integrity monitoring
• Doping density mapping
• Resistivity measurements of semi-insulating materials and carbon fiber
• Pseudo MOST characterization of SOI structures
• Measurement on films with high and low K (USJ layer)
• Studies of ferroelectric samples
• Characterization of new materials such as silicon carbide (SiC)
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