Diamond dicing blades


Choice of diamond dicing wheels for thin materials, Silicon, glass, ceramic...
• Metal bond for semiconductor materials dicing and resin bond for hard and brittle materials
• Standard low cost models or specific for dicing exotic materials
• Free advices of recommended blades and starting parameters
Microworld has been providing dicing consumable since 1991
For Silicon and associated materials dicing
For Hard and Brittle materials (glass, ceramic...)
Accessories (Flanges...)
The flanges are used to hold hubless type dicing blades (annular type) on the dicing machine
• For blade diameters from 2" (50mm) up to 4.6" (116mm)
• Flange diameter determines the blade exposure
• The 2.187BAxx model offers the same outside diameter than standard metal blades (55.55mm)
• Suitable for metal bond or resin bond blades
• Material stainless steel or Titanium

Flange for hubless dicing blades
Flange for hubless dicing blades
Two assembled male and female parts allow maintaining round hubless diamond dicing blades metal or resin bond.

- Material stainless steel or Titanium
- For blades up to 60 mm diameter
- The flange OD determines the blade exposure
- A dismounting tool (separately supplied) is needed to disassemble the flange

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