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Probing with a probecard & Mapping

The probecard will allow accessing several pads at the same time. It my be usefull for device biasing while testing, or full testing.
A manual or semi-automatic probe station can integrate a probecard and micro-positioners, a chip can them be tested for internal circuitry while biasing is on.
- For repetitive sub-routine on a die, a motorized positioner can be used to automatically contact the previously programmed points.
- For only few contacts access, the probecard can be wedge type and is then mounted onto a positioner, DC and RF signals can be mixed

Microworld also offers production probecards mounted on automatic probers.
General purpose probe station
General purpose probe station
The S1160 will support a broad range of precision probing applications including IV, CV, dies, wafers...
Modular, it can accept many options and accessories for multi-purpose (temperature, low current...) applications

- Quick platen lift allows contact / no contact
- Accept microscope (bino / trino)
- Accpet wafers up to 8'' (wafers 200mm)
- Angular wafer setup
- Allows up to 8 DC micropositioner or probe card
- Heavy body for better stability
High accuracy manual probe station
High accuracy manual probe station
The Checkmate series represents the most accomplished probing stations, available for wafer up to 12".

- Upgradability from one version to another
- Manual or Semi-automatic version
- Test on Probecards available
- Optional thermal charactherization (-60°C to +300°C)
- High voltage (HV) and low current (fA) measurements possible
- Allows up to 8 DC micropositioners or probe card


CM210 : Version 200 mm
CM310 : Version 300 mm
6'' semi-automatic probe station
6'' semi-automatic probe station
Semi-automatic probing stations for full wafer electrical characterization.

- Software : mapping, auto-alignment, pattern recognition, autofocus...
- X-Y stage drives by induction motor for high speed and accuracy
- Probecard application available
- High voltage (HV -10kV) and low leakage (fA) measurements
- Tool developed for design validation (R&D) and yield monitoring (production)
Semi-automatic probe station
Semi-automatic probe station
Semi-automatic probe stations for full wafer electrical characterization up to 12'' (300 mm).

- Software : mapping, auto-alignment, pattern recognition, autofocus...
- Probecard application available
- Temperature characterization up to +600°C
- High voltage (HV - 10kV) and low leakage (fA) measurements
- Tool developed for design validation (R&D) and yield monitoring (production)
- Configuration : up 10 ports DC/Kelvin
- Compatible with high performances ERS chuck (patented air cooling system, temperature from -60°C to +300°C)


CM250 : Version 200 mm
CM350 : Version 300 mm
The High Power Microscope
The High Power Microscope
High power microscope for fine inspection and high magnifications.
The PSM1000 is useful for precision contact on very small surfaces.

- It can be used as a stand alone or mounted onto Analytical probe station
- A range of accessories is available including a variety of objectives (polarizer, analyzer...)
- The trinocular head accepts a choice of digital cameras
- Spectroscopic applications available
Passive antivibration table
Passive antivibration table
The 4 air pads efficiently filter the mechanical noise from the ground or neighbourhood for an ultra fine probe analysis, inspection or assembly.

- Platen available in several dimensions upon size and weight of the equipment
- Marble thickness is selected in function of the equipment seated on
- Faebi pads with air filling using compressor or bike pump (air line not needed)
- Several options (wheel, LCD stand, keyboard stand, rack, dark boxes capably...)
Probe card adapter
Probe card adapter
Mechanical fixture for mounting a probecard of 4.5" width (114 mm) on a prober.

- Provide signals to the DUT while making analysis with separate needles controlled from micropositionners
- 2 models are available, one with no adjustment, another with theta adjustment

Probe card
Probe card
The probecards fullfill all production probing applications and particularly the highly demanding nowadays circuits : high pincount, ultra-fine pitch, multi-DUT testing, specific constraint (low-k, probe over active area....).

- Pcb design available for custom boards (all commercial testers)
- All services of specific design, manufacture, diagnostic and repair, alignment...
- Available for pads test or bumps tests
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