Die Bonder System


Our die bonders achieve high accuracy placement, using adjustable magnification optical device.

Functionnalities : stamping, eutectic and epoxy.

User friendly, flexible, our Die Bonders require only minimum training to operate.
Mini Placer System
Mini Placer System
Very light Epoxy Die Bonder solution, MPS requires minimal training to operate.

The MPS fulfils accurate Picking and Placement of delicate devices.
Tool holder design, rocking Head, provides an easy solution for gluing.
Manual Placer
Manual Placer
Multipurpose plateform for pick and place.
Small production ( < 500 000 pieces/year).

The Manual Sorter PP-One model is designed for accurate Picking and Placement of delicate devices as Laser Diodes and Laser Bars.
The machine will pick the components from wafer hoops to place them into GelPack or Waffle Packs.
Universal Die Bonder system
Universal Die Bonder system
It's the most versatile semi automatic Pick & Place platform.
It can be used in a wide field of applications such as ASIC, MMIC, MEMS or VECEL.

PP5 and PP6 are user friendly, flexible and requires minimal training to operate.

Eutectic and Epoxy available.
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