Probing on a non flat substrate

This specific probing can be achieved by using a special fixture that will hold the device and present it horizontally. A probe station is then used to receive the special fixture and access the devices pads. The probe station and the fixture are designed upon Customer's specific constraints both mechanical and electrical.
General purpose probe station
General purpose probe station
The S1160 will support a broad range of precision probing applications including IV, CV, dies, wafers...
Modular, it can accept many options and accessories for multi-purpose (temperature, low current...) applications

- Quick platen lift allows contact / no contact
- Accept microscope (bino / trino)
- Accept wafers up to 8'' (wafers 200mm)
- Angular wafer setup
- Allows up to 8 DC micropositioner or probe card
- Heavy body for better stability


S1160A-8N : Moving of optical bridge for turret microscope
S1160B-8N : Moving of optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
S1160C-8N : Fixed optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
Board mount chuck
Board mount chuck
This PCB board holder permit to fix electronic board already mounted with components on a probe station.

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