High power chuck

HPCHUCKHigh power chuck

The high power chuck has been designed for use when probing at high voltage or high current.

- 150, 200 or 300 mm size available
- For very high voltage measurement (10KV)
Triaxial chuck

TRXCHUCKTriaxial chuck

The triaxial chuck will allow ultra-low current measurement down to fA when used with specific micropositioners with trixial arm and hermetic box for light and shield isolation.

- It is composed of 3 parts of which the middle part can be polarized,
- A high-temperature version is also available when associated with a hot or tri-temp chuck
- Available for wafers up to 300 mm (12")
- The triaxial chuck typically replaces the standard chuck onto a manual or semi-automatic prober to perform low level current measurement.

Board mount chuck

CM-BMCBoard mount chuck

This PCB board holder permit to fix electronic board already mounted with components on a probe station.

ABOUT OUR Specific chucks
They are proposed when the test requirements demand a specific configuration for non-standard parameters
• Applications for low current, high power
• Specific models for temperatures, hot or hot/cold with cooling down circuit
• Custom manufacture for components with a specific shape, or non standard dimensions...
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