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CATEGORY : Non destructive measurement systems

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ABOUT OUR Non destructive measurement systems
TF series non-contact measurement systems contain a set of sensors that induce weak currents in conductive and semi-conductive layers. These induced currents, also called Eddy currents, generate an electromagnetic field directly which is linked to the intrinsic parameters of the sample. Thus, we will be able to characterize its resistivity, its layer thickness, its anisotropy, its permeability, its permissivity or its emissivity without any mechanical contact.

By modulating the emission frequencies of the initial magnetic field, we will be able to control its penetration's depth and therefore the thickness of the layer that we want to measure. It is therefore possible to perform measurements of one or more layers simultaneously on a wide range of materials.

The technology is independent of the surface characteristics or morphology. In addition, it does not require any type of contact or special preparation of the sample as for four-point probe tests, Hall effect or Van-der-Pauw measurements. The system doesn't require the placement of test structures and is unaffected by surface roughness, no conductive encapsulations or passivation layers. Moreover, the measurement does not physically affect the thin film tested.

Eddy current instruments have a long life because they are free from any mechanical wear due to their no contact nature. It also achieves high repeatability and high accuracies in an ultra-fast manner which ensures the quality of measurement of various thin layers.

Finally, these systems are often accompanied by a software with several functions for recording and exporting data, thus allowing easy reading of the results in the form of a map, for example.


- Thin coating layers
- Conductive films
- Conductive papers and textiles
- Encapsulated components
- Metals
- Photoelectric sensors
- Organic conductors
- Display, touch screen and flat screen
- OLED and LED applications
- Graphene layers
- Wafers and photovoltaic cells
- Battery electrodes
- Conductive polymers

Main characteristics:

• Sheet resistance: 0.1mΩ/sq to 200kΩ/sq
• Ultra-fast measurement
• Sample size: 10x10mm up to 300x300mm
• Non-contact measurement
• Compact system

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