3Dn-500      Printing and process machine

3Dn-500 : Printing and process machine 3Dn-500 : Printing and process machine

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Printing and process machine


The 3Dn-500 is a high speed and precision motion platform, designed specifically for 3D manufacturing of complete products, not just individual parts. This versatile machine offers a wide range of capabilities, including automatic tool changes, a wide material choice with over 10,000+ compatible materials, and post-processing options, making it a powerful solution for various industries and applications.

One of the standout features of the 3Dn-500 is its ability to go beyond simple part production and enable the manufacturing of fully functional electronic products. By utilizing automatic tool changes, this user-configurable direct digital manufacturing system can seamlessly transition from a CAD file to a complete finished electronic product. The process involves a combination of different tool heads, each with unique capabilities.

The system excels at controlling and synchronizing multiple tool heads, in series or parallel configurations. This ensures efficient and precise coordination between the different processes involved in the manufacturing workflow.

To further enhance the capabilities of the 3Dn-500, we offer various optional features. These include sintering capabilities, a heated bed for improved material performance, UV curing for rapid material solidification, laser integration for advanced processing techniques, machine vision and scanning for Z-tracking and conformal printing, and real-time process view for monitoring and optimization.

Additionally, the 3Dn Series, which the 3Dn-500 belongs to, complies with SMEMA (Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association) standards for in-line manufacturing. This makes it compatible with factory in a Line (FiL) concept, enabling seamless integration into a larger manufacturing setup.

The 3Dn-500 is a powerful and versatile 3D manufacturing platform that goes beyond traditional part production. With its automatic tool changes, a wide range of materials, and post-processing options, this system enables the creation of fully functional electronic products. By combining multiple tool heads and precise control mechanisms, the 3Dn-500 offers exceptional precision and efficiency, making it an ideal solution for advanced manufacturing applications.


Technical Specifications

X/Y accuracy

+/- 1.5 µm

X/Y bidirectional repeatability

+/- 0.5 µm

X/Y maximum acceleration

5 g (no load)

X/Y drive system

Linear brushless servomotor

X/Y maximum speed

500 mm/s

X/Y travel range

500 x 500 mm

X/Y resolution

5 nm

Z accuracy

+/- 5 µm

Z bidirectional repeatability

+/- 1 µm

Z drive system

Ball screw / Brushless servomotor

Z maximum speed

300 mm/s

Z travel range

150 mm

Z resolution

100 nm

User interface

Software and computer included


STRONGARM with casters

Compressed air requirements

80 to 120 PSI (dry and filtred air or nitrogen)

Vacuum requirements

2 m3/h min


112 x 94 x 176 cm


1361 Kg

Associated products

Table printing and process machine

3Dn-TabletopTable printing and process machine

3Dn-Tabletop and 3Dn-Tabletop Trunnion (5/6 axis option) systems are advanced 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions designed for high-precision fabrication in a compact and versatile format. These systems combine precision motion control, intelligent software, and a range of materials to enable the creation of complex, functional, and detailed objects.

Both systems are tabletop-sized additive manufacturing systems that offer exceptional precision and accuracy. It utilizes a combination of motion control and scanning technology to achieve micron-level resolution, allowing for the creation of intricate structures with fine details. The system supports a wide range of materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites, providing flexibility for various applications.

One feature of the 3Dn-Tabletop system is its modular architecture. It can be easily configured and customized to meet specific manufacturing needs. The system offers interchangeable tool heads, enabling the integration of various fabrication processes such as precision microdispensing, 3D printing, milling, and pick-and-place assembly. This versatility makes it suitable for a broad range of applications, including prototyping, microfabrication, electronics manufacturing, and biomedical research.

The 3Dn-Tabletop Trunnion system is an extension of the 3Dn-Tabletop, adding two additional rotational axes to the printer's capabilities. This trunnion system enables multi-axis printing, allowing for the creation of complex geometries and curved surfaces with ease. The rotational axis enhances the freedom of design and enables the fabrication of parts with undercuts, overhangs, and other challenging features.

Both the 3Dn-Tabletop and 3Dn-Tabletop Trunnion systems are equipped with sophisticated software packages (nStudio™ and RhinoCAD™) that provides intuitive control over the printing process. The software offers advanced slicing capabilities, CAD integration, and real-time monitoring, ensuring optimal print quality and efficiency. Additionally, the systems are compatible with various file formats, facilitating seamless integration into existing digital design workflows.
Printing and process machine

3Dn-300Printing and process machine

3Dn-300 is an advanced 3D printing system that combines precision, versatility, and scalability to deliver high-quality additive manufacturing solutions. With its large build volume and robust capabilities, the 3Dn-300 is designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and research applications.

Equipped with SmartPump™ technology, the 3Dn-300 is capable of handling a diverse range of materials, including metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and even biomaterials. This versatility allows manufacturers and researchers to explore various fabrication possibilities and select the most suitable material for their specific requirements.

The system's precision motion control system ensures exceptional accuracy and repeatability during the printing process. It employs high-resolution positioning sensors and intelligent feedback mechanisms to maintain precise layer alignment and minimize errors. This level of control enables the production of intricate geometries, fine details, and complex structures with superior surface finish.

To further enhance the capabilities of the 3Dn-300, we offer various optional features. These include sintering capabilities, a heated bed for improved material performance, UV curing for rapid material solidification, laser integration for advanced processing techniques, machine vision and scanning for Z-tracking and conformal printing, and real-time process view for monitoring and optimization.

The 3Dn-300 can be integrated with additional modules and tools, such as milling heads, pick-and-place modules, and inspection systems, further expanding its capabilities and enabling multi-process fabrication. This versatility makes it a highly adaptable solution that can address a wide array of manufacturing requirements.

3Dn-300 is a powerful and versatile 3D printing system designed for industrial-scale additive manufacturing. With its large build volume, material versatility, precision motion control, and advanced features, the 3Dn-300 empowers manufacturers and researchers to produce high-quality, complex, and functional parts with efficiency and reliability.
Printing and process machine

3Dn-700Printing and process machine

3Dx-700 is an advanced 3D printing and manufacturing system that provides a complete solution for product fabrication. This gantry-based system is designed to offer high precision, versatility, and multi-tool capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

The 3Dx-700 utilizes a 5/6 axis motion platform, providing a precise movement control system. This allows the tool heads to move along multiple axes, enabling complex and intricate fabrication processes. With this motion platform, the system can follow paths that are normal to multi-curved surfaces, facilitating true three-dimensional manufacturing capabilities.

The system incorporates a tool changer mechanism, which seamlessly switches between different tool heads: the SmartPump™, nFD™, nMill™, and nPnP™. This tool changer, along with pneumatic ports and clamps, allows for rapid and efficient transitions between different fabrication processes. Whether it's 3D printing, milling, or pick-and-place assembly, the 3Dx-700 provides a seamless workflow to cater to various manufacturing requirements.

To streamline the entire manufacturing process, the 3Dx-700 is equipped with nStudio™ and RhinoCAD™, an advanced software package. nStudio™ provides a comprehensive set of tools for CAD integration, path planning, and control of the tool heads. The software enables the user to go directly from a CAD file to a complete, fully functioning product, including the integration of electronics. This means that the 3Dx-700 not only produces structural components but also allows for the creation of electrically functional structures, resulting in a fully finished product.

By offering an all-in-one manufacturing solution, the 3Dx-700 revolutionizes the concept of 3D printing by transforming it into true 3D manufacturing. From the initial design to the final product, including complex geometries, functional components, and electronics integration, the 3Dx-700 empowers users to create complete and fully operational products with exceptional precision and efficiency.
Printing machine accessories

3Dn-accessoriesPrinting machine accessories

We offers four advanced tool heads designed to be compatible with any 3Dn or 3DX series system. These tools include the SmartPump, nFD, nMill, and the nPnP360™. These tool heads provide versatility and expand the capabilities of the printing process, allowing for multi-process fabrication and the integration of additional functionalities.

The nFD filament feeder, heated Material Extrusion (FDM or FFF) tool head and quick-change nTip pen tip are core tools for 3D printing on 3D manufacturing platforms. Use the standard nTip for 1.75 mm filament and nonstandard filaments. Remove and easily clean or switch nozzles if the nTip fails. nFD combined with its precision motion platforms produce the smoothest and most repeatable extruded parts on the market, without a post-build smoothing process. Use the smallest commercially available nTip (25μm) for extremely fine features. Add the Z-tracking feature to build conformally on structures of any shape.
The nMill is a high-speed spindle designed for micro-precision milling, drilling, and polishing. nMill is the perfect tool for the post-processing of virtually any Micro-Dispensed or Extruded material. 50,000 RPM motor and spindle with less than 1um total runout. Equipped with exclusively designed end mill for plastic processing, micro drills for high accuracy vias, and a polishing wheel for smooth finishing. Integral dust collection system keeps both the workpiece and machine debris free. Air coolant nozzle prevents thermoplastics from melting and reduces processing time. 1/8" collet accepts a wide range of bits.

The nPnP360™ is a pick and place tool head. The nPnP360 applies light pressure on the component for picking and placing, 20” Hg at 80 psi, and 360 degrees of rotation, allowing the user to orient the part with high precision. The nPnP360 uses interchangeable luer lock needles, which enables the picking and placing of various-sized components. The nPnP360 can depress 3mm after initial contact, which creates a good seal for picking, and good contact between components and pads when placing a component.

The SmartPump is a foundation of microdispensing on the 3Dn and 3DX Series tool lines. This digitally controlled positive-pressure pump's patented valving and nTip pentip (as small as 25μm) enable near-perfect starts and stops (no drooling) of materials with extreme viscosities, ranging from 1cP nanoparticle inks to well over 1 million cP flake-loaded pastes. The SmartPump can dispense more than 10,000 commercially available materials with volume control to 100 picoliters. The SmartPump is a proven, rugged Microdispensing pump that has demonstrated printed lines as small as 20μm wide and dots as small as 50μm (material dependent). A heated version is available.

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