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CATEGORY : Hall effect measurement systems

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ABOUT OUR Hall effect measurement systems
Hall Effect measurement systems allow the ultra-fast characterization of several intrinsic parameters of conductive and semi-conductive materials.
They use the Van Der Pauw method, which is perfectly adapted to thin film measurements and the Lorentz force in order to monitor around ten characteristics simultaneously under several environmental constraints.

It is thus possible to calculate:

• Sheet resistances, resistivity, conductivity
• Mobility of charge carriers
• Density of majority carriers
• The type of doping (P/N)
• Hall Voltage / Hall Coefficient

Main characteristics:

• Variable sample size from 5x5mm to 30x30mm
• Possible temperature measurement: 77K - 770K (-196°C to 500°C)
• Measurement possible in variable magnetic fields: 0.25T - 0.9T
• Electromagnet
• Measurement of the Seebeck effect
• Magnet in Halbach configuration
• Measurement possible under illumination: R,G,B via Led or UV/IR via external source adapter
• Tracing of I(V), I(R) curve - Allows to check the quality of the ohmic contact
• Data export possible in .csv (Excel)
• Accuracy & Reproducibility: Van Der Pauw method optimized electrical noise
• Ultra-compact table system


- Si, Ge, SiGe, SiC, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, GaN, ZnO, TCOs
- Optoelectronic component
- Nanomaterials
- Sensors, MEMS
- Conductive polymers
- Oxide deposit
- Ceramics & Glass
- Batteries
- Electrodes
- Photovoltaic
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