SMZ171      Stereozoom microscope


Stereozoom microscope with middle magnification for probe tip placement.

- High working distance (WD = 110mm)
- C-mount for digital camera (trinocular version)
- Several objectives and eyepieces for wide range of magnification
- LED or optical fiber illumination available

Technical Specifications


10 X


1 X

Magnification range

7.5X to 50X

Internal zoom

0.75, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 X

Zoom ratio


Working distance

110 mm


Not included (optical fiber or Led)

Camera capable

Yes (depending on model)


Not included

Associated products

LED illuminator

LED60TLED illuminator

Illumination set for stereozoom microscope.

- Annular shape provides a uniform illumination
- Intensity adjustable, on/off switch
- Section selection version

H1504" manual probe station

Easy use probe station for wafers up to 100 mm.

- XY chuck movement
- Quick platen lift
- Up to 6 micropositioners or a probecard
- Fixed microscope holder

S1160B-8N8" manual analytical probe station

Probe station under tips for precision analyses, such as IV, CV, on chips alone, on wafers, on components, etc. Modular, the S1160 can accommodate several options and accessories for a multitude of applications (temperature, low current measurements, etc.).

- Rapid elevation of the plate by manual arm (contact / non-contact)
- Accepts binocular and trinocular microscopes
- Wafers up to 8'' (200mm wafers)
- Angular adjustment of the Wafer
- Accommodates up to 8 DC micropositioners or a pin board
- Massive chassis for better stability


S1160A-8N: Optical bridge movement for turret microscope
S1160B-8N: Movement of the optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
S1160C-8N: Fixed optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope

WL1160B-8N8" RF manual analytical probe station

Economical while professional prober for RF and Microwave probing applications, available for single die, partial or full wafer up to 8".

- DC to 110 GHz measurement
- Stable platen and specific anti-resonant chuck construction
- Individual chuck for RF probes with independant rotation
- Quick lift platen and fine Z adjustment
- Allows binocular or trinocular microscope (Tilt-back clearing option)
- Accept up to 4 RF micropositioners and 4 DC micropositioners simultaneously


WL1160A : Moving of optical bridge for turret microscope
WL1160B : Moving of optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
WL1160C : Fixed optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
Digital camera

MOTICAM1080XDigital camera

This camera is very helpfull for direct vision to put probes easily.

- Compatible with our trinoculars microscopes
- C mount
- Multi-outputs for direct vision on monitor (HDMI) and USB
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