NEW ! Thermal forcing system providing hot and cold temperature
Our Test and burn-in Sockets accommodate ALL packages, Standard or Custom
NEW : Ovens and burn in chamber for bringing temperatures on devices or sub-assemblies

SOKQFN      Standard test socket for QFN packages

SOKQFN      Standard test socket for QFN packages

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Technical Specifications

Burn in and Test sockets for for QFN packages, selected from catalog or by analysis of device drawing and specific development

  • Fine Pitches of 0.22 mm and greater, temperaturel
  • Over 1300 QFN's designs, ClamShell or Open Top, screw-lid...
  • Specific options are available such as non-magnetic, power dissipation (heatsink), Kelvin...
  • Please send us the details of your component (mechanical drawing) to check availability and receive an offer

Max temperature

175 std, 250 (option) °C

Contact spacing (pitch)

Greater than 0.22 mm

PCB mounting

SMD, thru-hole, other

Socket options

Non-magnetic, heat sink, zero insertion force...


ClamShell, OpenTop, Screw-lid, other...

Associated products

SOKCUST - Customized Test Socket
Burn in and Test socket specifically developped according to Customer SpecSheet for a particular component and associated test environment Applications : HF, high power, failure analysis on packaged devices, new packages testing...Fabrication in two steps : Drawing release (2 weeks) - Approval - Fabrication (typical 6 weeks)This socket will totally match your application as being developed for it...
BIB - Burn-in boards
Designed and fabricated upon Customer Specsheet, single or double-sided, multi-layers, available for all format types of burn in ovens (humidity, temperature, hast). Designed for all components style, various pcb options (FR4, polyimide...)Electric additional circuitry included (biasing...) if neededDesigned for standing standard and/or severe thermal environments (Dry, Humidity, Hast test...)Fully customized designs for all applications, power dissipation, high frequency, prototyping... ...
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