S302      4 point probe stand

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products
Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products

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4 point probe stand


The configuration is composed of a stand holding the probe head with a quick Z lever and a chuck for wafer of 4, 6, 8 or 12 inches, the sample positioning is manual as well as the contact of the tips by a rotating lever.

- A micro-switch insures that the current will be injected only after contact of the 4-point probe head
- The  measurement itself is provided from an external sourcemeter and voltmeter typically Keithley family, which can be supplied if requested
- The system can be upgraded to include the measurement and display onto a PC
- Perfect tool for for laboratories, universities, research centers... in the material characterization.


  • S302-4 : For 100mm wafer
  • S302-6 : For 150mm wafer


Technical Specifications

Wafer size

4, 6 or 8 "




SP4 and HT4 probe head


4 banana jack





Associated products

SP4 - 4 point probe head
Ambient 4-point probe head for ambient temperature, useable on Pack4PP and Quadpro series equipment or for separate uses. The standard head is molded in delrin with tungsten tips. A bayonet and two screws alllow the head to be fixed to our 4 points probe stand easily for precise and repeatable measurements.

- Tips material is function of the electronic layer under measure
- Variety of spacing, tip materials and radius, needle pressure
- Termination with flying wires or Banana jacks or BNC or triax cables or 9-Pins connector...
K2450 - Keithley sourcemeter integrated on Microworld products
Single channel laboratory equipment for various measurements

The rated output voltage varies between ± 20 mV and ± 200 V and the rated output current is ± 10 nA and ± 1 A.
It also offers a large dynamic range, which makes the 2450 Series model well suited for tabletop and system applications with low voltage requirements.

Applications : 4-point measurements, nanomaterials, semiconductor structures, measurement of energy efficiency and lighting, material characterisation, real current source, digital multimeter, trigger controller ...
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