HT4      High temperature 4 point probe head

HT4 : High temperature 4 point probe head HT4 : High temperature 4 point probe head

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High temperature 4 point probe head


4-point head for high temperature and high resistivity, usable on equipment of the Pack4PP, Quadpro series and or for separate use. The standard head is designed in macor with 4 independent tips in tungsten or osmium. A bayonet and two screws make it easy to attach the tip to our 4-prong stand for precise and repeatable measurements.


• Material of the tips defined according to the type of layer to be measured
• Choice of parameters: Tip spacing (pitch), tip fineness, tip pressure
• Terminations: Flying leads, Banana jacks, Triax...


  • HT4-50180TRY : Spacing 1.27mm, pressure 180g, Tungsten, radius 40µm, 9pin D sub (38cm)
  • HT4-50180ORY : Spacing 1.27mm, pressure 180g, Osmium, radius 40µm, 9pin D sub (38cm)
  • HT4-62180TRN : Spacing 1.6mm, pressure 180g, Tungsten, radius 40µm, 4 BNC cables (90cm)
  • HT4-62180TRX : Spacing 1.6mm, pressure 180g, Tungsten, radius 40µm, 4 triax cables (90cm)


Technical Specifications



Tip radius

40, 125, 254 µm


1, 1.27, 1.6 mm


180 g


Tungsten or Osmium


Upon reference

Maximum current

3 A

Maximum voltage

20 V

Maximum temperature

650 °C

Associated products

Semi-automatic 4 point probe measurement under temperature

QUADPRO2ASemi-automatic 4 point probe measurement under temperature

Semi-automatic 4-point in-line temperature measurement system on samples ranging from 10mm to 300mm in diameter.. Capable of measuring surface resistance ranges from 10μΩ/sq to 10GΩ/sq. Several versions possibles to optimize measurement accuracy according to the ranges measured.

Equipment feature:

• V/I measurement, sheet resistance, resistivity or thickness
• Mean, Standard Deviation, Minimum, Maximum and 3Sigma reports for the dataset
• Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) measurements
• Automated 2D mapping, 3D mapping and cross-section
• Ultra high precision and repeatability
• Comparative mapping

The TCR option

The Resistance Temperature Coefficient option integrates sample temperature control as well as automated injected current control and resistance calculations. Integrated with a thermal chuck system, the test automatically sweeps temperatures over a wide range without moving the test tips.
Measurements are taken at each target temperature and the results are plotted on a graph. The TCR is expressed in parts per million (PPM). Users define the temperature range, steps, and delay for each test point before taking a measurement. A variety of thermal chucks are available to set the range and resolution from room temperature to 300°C, with 1° resolution.
Data can be printed or exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Dark box with chuck

D3Dark box with chuck

This small probe station has been designed for high themperature application, it includes a chuck (ambient or hot chuck) and a circular platen that allow several magnetic micropositioner.

- A microscope can be used to contact small pads
- An economical solution for a variety of probing applications

Micropositioner S725 for high temperature

S725HTMicropositioner S725 for high temperature

This economic micropositioner will allow probe tips to land on pads or lines down to 20 µm.
Special model for temperature probe test measurement, up to 600°C.
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