MWRF-1100B(BT)      High performance RF probe from 750 to 1.1THz

MWRF-1100B(BT) : High performance RF probe from 750 to 1.1THz MWRF-1100B(BT) : High performance RF probe from 750 to 1.1THz

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High performance RF probe from 750 to 1.1THz


Series of high performance probes for Microwave applications from 750 to 1100GHz, GSG, GS or SG configurations.

- These probes are available in different pitch from 25µm to 35µm
- We recommend a GSG footprint for best performance
- Low loss and low dispersion characteristics, reliable low resistance contact
- WR-1.0 waveguide, Bias T option available
- Available in BeCu


Technical Specifications


750 to 1100 GHz




25 to 35 µm





Associated products


WL250-LE8" HF semi-automatic probe station with local enclosure

Semi-automatic probing stations for full wafer HF electrical characterization.

- Software : mapping, auto-alignment, pattern recognition, autofocus...
- Probecard application available
- Thermal characterization from -60°C to +300°C
- HF measurements up to 110 GHz
- Tool developed for design validation (R&D) and yield monitoring (production)
- Configuration : up 4 ports HF (N, S, E, W) and 4 DC
- Optional local enclosure for EMI shielding and light-tight


WL250 : 200 mm version
WL350 : 300 mm version
WL250-LE : 200 mm with local enclosure
WL350-LE : 300 mm with local enclosure
High stability Millimetric manual probe station

WL170-THzHigh stability Millimetric manual probe station

Station specially designed for ultra high frequency applications, with the use of millimetric heads (extenders).
This system allows you to mount a micropositioner with a large plate that can support extenders from the main manufacturers (R&S, VDI, etc.).

- Up to 1.1 THz
- Raised chuck
- Rotation lock
- Long working distance microscope
RF micropositioner for extender

SLAP90-ERF micropositioner for extender

This micropositioner, which is specific to ultra-high frequency RF measurements with a milimetric head, accommodates frequency multipliers.

- East, West configuration
- Screwed base for a better stability
- Angular adjustment to ensure the contact of milimetric heads (GS, GSG configurations)
- Compatible with differents frequency extender models (Rohde & Schwarz, Keysight, VDI ...)
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