D3      Dark box with chuck

D3 : Dark box with chuck
D3 : Dark box with chuck
D3 : Dark box with chuck
D3 : Dark box with chuck
D3 : Dark box with chuck
D3 : Dark box with chuck

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Dark box with chuck


This small probe station has been designed for high themperature application, it includes a chuck (ambient or hot chuck) and a circular platen that allow several magnetic micropositioner.

- A microscope can be used to contact small pads
- An economical solution for a variety of probing applications


Technical Specifications

Sample holding

Vacuum ring, zone selection

Stage Drive


Chuck stage Z travel



< 10 µm

Platen material

Steel for vacuum or magnetic micropositioner

Maximum temperature

+600 °C


Ambient chuck, microscope, nitrogen shower...


6 feedthrough connector (BNC or Trx)


Top opening

Associated products

Coaxial Probe holder with ceramic isolation

UxGBCoaxial Probe holder with ceramic isolation

This probe holder allows to mount a probe tip with an angle of 45°.

It is useful for low noise IV measurements with it insulation and for high temperature, up to 600°C.
Stereozoom microscope

SMZ171Stereozoom microscope

Stereozoom microscope with middle magnification for probe tip placement.

- High working distance (WD = 110mm)
- C-mount for digital camera (trinocular version)
- Several objectives and eyepieces for wide range of magnification
- LED or optical fiber illumination available
Micropositioner S725 for high temperature

S725HTMicropositioner S725 for high temperature

This economic micropositioner will allow probe tips to land on pads or lines down to 20 µm.
Special model for temperature probe test measurement, up to 600°C.
Thermal chuck controller

S1080Thermal chuck controller

The trip-temp chuck and controller (ambient-hot-cold) ranges from -60°C to +300°C and allows a complete temperature characterization of devices, whether they are partial wafers or full wafers up to 12".

- The temperature parameters setting is by touch screen panel or remote control
- The transition time from hot to cold or reverse is one of the fastest on the market
- It is possible to program a ramp while heating up
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