S47      Probe card adapter

S47 : Probe card adapter
S47 : Probe card adapter
S47 : Probe card adapter
S47 : Probe card adapter
S47 : Probe card adapter
S47 : Probe card adapter

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Probe card adapter


Mechanical fixture for mounting a probecard of 4.5" width (114 mm) on a probe station.

- Provide signals to the DUT while making analysis with a lot of separate needles.
- 2 models are available, one with no adjustment, another with theta adjustment.


  • S4710 : For 4.5" wide probe card
  • S4720 : For 4.5" wide probe card - Theta adjust

Associated products

Probe card

ProbecardProbe card

The probecards fullfill all production probing applications and particularly the highly demanding nowadays circuits : high pincount, ultra-fine pitch, multi-DUT testing, specific constraint (low-k, probe over active area....).

- Pcb design available for custom boards (all commercial testers)
- All services of specific design, manufacture, diagnostic and repair, alignment...
- Available for pads test or bumps tests

S1160B-8N8" manual analytical probe station

Probe station under tips for precision analyses, such as IV, CV, on chips alone, on wafers, on components, etc. Modular, the S1160 can accommodate several options and accessories for a multitude of applications (temperature, low current measurements, etc.).

- Rapid elevation of the plate by manual arm (contact / non-contact)
- Accepts binocular and trinocular microscopes
- Wafers up to 8'' (200mm wafers)
- Angular adjustment of the Wafer
- Accommodates up to 8 DC micropositioners or a pin board
- Massive chassis for better stability


S1160A-8N: Optical bridge movement for turret microscope
S1160B-8N: Movement of the optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope
S1160C-8N: Fixed optical bridge for trinocular stereozoom microscope

CM2108" high accuracy manual probe station

The Checkmate series represents the most accomplished probing stations, available for wafer up to 12".

- Upgradability from one version to another
- Manual or Semi-automatic version
- Test on Probecards available
- Optional thermal charactherization (-60°C to +300°C)
- High voltage (HV) and low current (fA) measurements possible
- Allows up to 8 DC micropositioners or probe card


CM210 : Version 200 mm
CM310 : Version 300 mm
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