US      Standard Probe holder with screw lock

US : Standard Probe holder with screw lock US : Standard Probe holder with screw lock

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Standard Probe holder with screw lock


This probe holder allows to mount a probe tip with an angle of 45°.

It is useful for standard IV measurements.
The tip holding is done by screw for very small footprint.

Technical Specifications

Leakage current

1 µA




120 mm


2.2 mm

Tip holding

Screw lock




Through micropositioner

Maximum temperature

600 °C


Can be cut and bent

Associated products

Copper probe tip with tungsten wire

PTG4Copper probe tip with tungsten wire

The wire-tip combines a rigid body with a thin tungsten wire of various diameters, the probe tip is then soft enough to avoid damaging the probing pad materials.

- Length of body 51 mm, tungsten wire 3 to 5 mm
- Body diameter 0.51 mm, wire 5 to 125 microns
- Tip radius 0.1 to 5 microns
- Most popular references : PTG410, PTG422, PTG435, PTG4135
- Download the full list below for more information
Micropositioner S725 with pivot head

S725PMicropositioner S725 with pivot head

This economic micropositioner will allow landing on pads or lines down to 20 µm.
Pivot head (quick Z down before fine adjust, ideal for probe station).
Tungsten probe tip

PTG20Tungsten probe tip

General purpose probe tip sharpened at one extremity, the body material (tungsten) is strong enough to be bent into a variety of shapes.

- The standard application is probing on pads and/or internal lines
- Material tungsten, length 38 mm, tip radius from 0.5µm to 100µm
- Nickel-plated option is available for body only (easy soldering), please add the suffix ''N'' to the P/N
Precision micropositioner S926 with pivot head

S926PPrecision micropositioner S926 with pivot head

This precision positioner allows placing probe tip on pads or lines within accuracy of the micrometer.
The pivot head is perfect for a quick positioning in Z and fine adjust.
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