MW-SCA250      Coaxial Kelvin probe

MW-SCA250 : Coaxial Kelvin probe MW-SCA250 : Coaxial Kelvin probe

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Coaxial Kelvin probe


The Kelvin Coaxial Probes are designed for low-level signal probing. The single unit design is especially desirable for the best possible electrical characteristics and improbes tip control over conventional dual tips design

- The Probes are constructed of microwave-quality components
- The 50 ohm semi-rigid cable consists of 8 mil tungsten wire forming the inner conductor and probe point, with isolation from the gold plated copper shield being achieved through the utilisation a Teflon dielectric
- The probe contact protrudes from the shielding by .150" (3 mm) to maintain low-level signal noise to the probe tips available from 0.5 µm to 12.5 µm
- Standard SSMC connector, series / parallel resistor configurations available in option


  • MW-SCA250-12.5-25 : 12.5 µm radius, 25 µm pitch
  • MW-SCA250-5-12.5 : 5 µm radius, 12.5 µm pitch
  • MW-SCA250-10-12.5 : 10 µm radius, 12.5 µm pitch


Technical Specifications

Tip radius

5, 10, 12.5 µm


Resistor serial-parallel, ground strap...

Leakage current

< 10 fA


> 150 MHz


< 10 fF


50 Ohm

Max. power

125 W

Maximum voltage

250 V RMS

Maximum temperature

150 °C


2 x SSMC

Tip material


Shield meterial

Gold plated copper



Associated products

Micropositioner S725 with pivot head

S725PMicropositioner S725 with pivot head

This economic micropositioner will allow landing on pads or lines down to 20 µm.
Pivot head (quick Z down before fine adjust, ideal for probe station).
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