SP150      Ultra-stable submicronic micropositioner SP150

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products

SP150      Ultra-stable submicronic micropositioner SP150

Description Technical Specifications Documents Associated Products

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Ultra-stable submicronic micropositioner SP150


High-precision ultra-stable micropositioner with inline controls knobs, the SP150 will allow easy landing on pads as well as internal lines with a submicron accuracy.

- The down Z movement of the tip is totally vertical
- The knobs with micrometric graduations (100TPI) allow an optimal density on the platen.
- Standard head (down movement by the Z fine knob) or Pivot head for a quicker Z positioning
- The SP150 today represents the state-of-the-art in term of accuracy of positioning


  • SP150PM : Pivot head, Magnetic base
  • SP150PV : Pivot head, Vacuum base
  • SP150SM : Vertical head, Magnetic base
  • SP150SV : Vertical head, Vacuum base


Technical Specifications


< 1 µm

X-Axis Clearance

12.7 mm

Y-Axis Clearance

12.7 mm

Z-Axis Clearance

12.7 mm


100 TPI



Basis style

Magnetic or vacuum

Head style

Pivot, Vertical or Articulated head

Associated products

WL250-350 - HF semi-automatic probe station
Semi-automatic probing stations for full wafer HF electrical characterization.

- Software : mapping, auto-alignment, pattern recognition, autofocus...
- Probecard application available
- Thermal characterization from -60°C to +300°C
- HF measurements up to 110 GHz
- Tool developed for design validation (R&D) and yield monitoring (production)
- Configuration : up 4 ports HF (N, S, E, W) and 4 DC
- Optional local enclosure for EMI shielding and light-tight


WL250 : 200 mm version
WL350 : 300 mm version
WL250-LE : 200 mm with local enclosure
WL350-LE : 300 mm with local enclosure
MWPHV-3 - High Voltage Probe 3kV
The demands of off-state measurements require that signal path, from instrumentation to wafer, supports voltage in the thousand volts. The high voltage probe provides integrated triaxial capability for best high voltage and low current measurements. Both High Voltage and High Current Probes utilize replaceable tips for minimal interruption to user's measurements

- Specs PowerPro 3kV triax / 10kV coax, 450A pulsed / 10A DC
- Triaxial and coaxial versions
- Used with PowerPro configurations or separate
- Connector type to specify
UxTB - Coaxial Probe holder with teflon isolation
Specifically designed for low noise measurements, the coaxial probe holder allows probing at low leakage
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