F27 : UV dicing tape F27 : UV dicing tape

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UV dicing tape


Microworld offers a UV sensitive tape series for wafer dicing applications.

- Poly-Olefine based with acrylic adhesive and PET backing layer
- The UV sensitive adhesive offers a high adhesion force during dicing turning very low after UV cure ideal for dies pick up
- PVC core
- Packaged in roll hermetic packing (metallized sleeve)


  • F27-11.0 : 280 mm width
  • F27-12.0 : 305 mm width

Technical Specifications


100 m


25 to >450 mm



Tape material




Adhesion force on Si before UV

1850@30' 1980@24h g/25mm

Adhesion force on Si After UV

28@30' 33@24hr g/25mm


175 µm

Associated products

Semi-automatic die matrix expander

UH130Semi-automatic die matrix expander

The UH130 automatically expands the adhesive tape so as to present the dies in an evenly spaced parallel matrix to facilitate pick-and-place or die bonding operations, adapt to all wafer/film frame up to 300 mm.Thanks to ultra-precise control of the separation process, it allows a higher throughput and increased efficiency in the treatment of micro-components.
UH130 equipment facilitates this by maintaining the orientation of the dies and a constant spacing thereof. It is compatible with a wide range of frames (and therefore wafer sizes) as well as all types of adhesive films (standard, UV, extra-adhesive, etc.)

Technical specifications:

• 8" and 12" compatible
• Pneumatic cylinder with speed control and 2.3" adjustable stroke (cylinder height)
• Motorized circular cutting assembly
• Emergency stop with manual clamp
• Chuck heated and temperature controlled digitally with thermistor
• Adjustable stroke stop, allowing constant repeatability of expansion
• Plexiglas protective cover, antistatic
• Precisely controlled die separation distance for consistent repeatability
• Alignment markers allow easy and precise placement of the film frame
• Reduced alignment times and increased throughput of automated processes
• Convenient: tabletop system, easy to use
• Operator variables virtually eliminated


- Motorized circular cutting set
- Possible ring/ring version

Manual UV curing system

UH104Manual UV curing system

Benchtop low-profile system, the UH104 offers an exceptional flexibility and repeatability in the curing of UV films for dicing or backgrinding.UV insolators are illumination systems allowing the rapid curing of all types of photo-sensitive materials. Mainly used in the semiconductor world, they solidify the glue present on the adhesive films used during the cutting process. Safe for the environment, this UV curing process takes place at room temperature and at a wavelength of 365nm.

Technical specifications:

• Compact 8" or 12" system
• Manual loading, automatic process
•Rectangular substrates up to 12"
• Environmentally friendly, ozone-free UV lamp
• Fast curing time
• Easily programmable microprocessor based controller
• Repeatable manual operation
• Exceptional cost/performance ratio
• Low temperature 365nm UVA curing process
• Very energy efficient
• Quartz glass window
• Lamp intensity measurement port


- LED version possible
- Motorized and rotating work platform
- 6" or 8" film frame adapter
- UV Lamp Intensity Radiometer (requires sensor/attenuator assembly, below)
- Sensor/attenuator assembly (requires radiometer above)

Manual wafer / frame film mounter

UH114Manual wafer / frame film mounter

The UH114 are manual wafer film mounting systems up to 12".
For dicing/sawing applications, uniform lamination of an adhesive plastic film is essential. Our machines feature a set of easily adjustable spring loaded rollers as well as film tension bars along the X and Y axes to ensure bubble-free lamination of the film onto the wafer and frame. Additionally, these models feature a shrink film cutting system with adjustable cutting pressure to accommodate different tape base materials and thicknesses.

Roller pressure is adjusted to meet different process requirements and to accommodate different wafer thicknesses. This moves manually along the substrate once the film is stuck. A digital temperature controller ensures consistent temperatures on the chuck for repeatable mounting.

Adjustable alignment brackets and suction cups fit almost all types of film frames including plastic ones. The chuck height is also adjustable relative to the frame height for different wafer thicknesses.

Technical specificities:

- Available in 6", 8" or 12" version
- Adapter to make 6" on 8" machine or 8" on 12" machine possible
- Protective film winder roller assembly for use with film with support layer
- Easily adjustable spring roller assembly
- Uniform film tension
- Uniform adhesion allows for bubble-free lamination
- Circular cutter (wheel type) to cut the film on the film frame
- Adjustable cutting pressure for different films (thickness/hardness)
- Temperature-controlled digital screen
- Chuck height adjustable from top of unit
- Works with film without support or with support (optional)
- Fits wrapped protective film/layer externally or internally.
- Adjustable alignment pins and suction cups
- Accepts all types of film (specify type and size)
- End cutter for film separation
- Anti static electricity system
Wafer film frame used for dicing wafer-substrate

FFWafer film frame used for dicing wafer-substrate

Wafer film frame used for maintaining the plastic tape during or after dicing operations, for wafer up to 300 mm (12").

- Standard material Stainless steel (alu optional)
- Sizes and shapes adapted to the dicing equipment, 
- Plastic models available for shipping purposes
Plastic grip-ring

APPlastic grip-ring

Used to maintain the adhesive tape during dicing processes or typically after the tape expansion, the plastic rings is composed of a pair (inner and outer ring) made of polycarbonate (Lexan), a strong a light fiberglass material.

- They can hold the expanded plastic film and the dies largely separated for a safe picking
- Available for wafers up to 300 mm

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