CM350      12" semi-automatic probe station


Semi-automatic probe stations for full wafer electrical characterization up to 12" (300 mm).

- Software : mapping, auto-alignment, pattern recognition, autofocus...
- Probecard application available
- Temperature characterization up to +600°C
- High voltage (HV - 10kV) and low leakage (fA) measurements
- Tool developed for design validation (R&D) and yield monitoring (production)
- Configuration : up 10 ports DC/Kelvin
- Compatible with high performances ERS chuck (patented air cooling system, temperature from -60°C to +300°C)


CM250 : Version 200 mm
CM350 : Version 300 mm


Technical Specifications

Sample size

300 mm

Sample holding

Vacuum ring, zone selection

Stage Drive


Chuck travel X-Y

300 mm

Chuck material



0.5 µm


5 µm

Chuck stage Z travel

12.5 mm

Z chuck repeatability

1 µm

Chuck planarity adjustment



< 10 µm

Theta range

+/- 7.5 °

Theta resolution

0.000035 °

Theta repeatability

< 1.5 µm

Z range platen

38mm with lock

Contact/no contact platen lever

10 mm with a repeatability of +/- 1µm

Platen material

Aluminum (vacuum basis only)

Scope stage drive type


XY scope stage travel

X-Y 50x50mm - Résolution 0.02µm


Mapping, auto-alignement, autofocus, pattern...

Roll Out Stage for easy wafer loading



Probe card, dark box, themral chuck, triax chuck...

Associated products

Customized dark box

MW-DBCustomized dark box

For probing systems that do not have local chamber option, Microworld manufactures Dark Boxes designed to completely enclose a micro probe station or other system.

- Electrical and light isolation
- User safety for high voltage applications
- Feed-thru connectors adapted to the instrumentation to be connected
- Goose-neck for cable access
- Customizable design dimensions
Ultra-stable submicronic micropositioner SP150

SP150Ultra-stable submicronic micropositioner SP150

High-precision ultra-stable micropositioner with inline controls knobs, the SP150 will allow easy landing on pads as well as internal lines with a submicron accuracy.

- The down Z movement of the tip is totally vertical.
- The knobs with micrometric graduations (100TPI) allow an optimal density on the platen.
- Standard head (down movement by the Z fine knob) or Pivot head for a quicker Z positioning.
- The SP150 today represents the state-of-the-art in term of accuracy of positioning.
Triax probe holder

TRXTriax probe holder

Very low-noise probe holder (± 2 fA when used with a triaxial chuck and in an electrically shielded environment).

Can be mount onto S725P, S926P, SP100P, SP150P micropositioners.
Triaxial chuck

TRXCHUCKTriaxial chuck

The triaxial chuck will allow ultra-low current measurement down to fA when used with specific micropositioners with trixial arm and hermetic box for light and shield isolation.

- It is composed of 3 parts of which the middle part can be polarized,
- A high-temperature version is also available when associated with a hot or tri-temp chuck
- Available for wafers up to 300 mm (12")
- The triaxial chuck typically replaces the standard chuck onto a manual or semi-automatic prober to perform low level current measurement.

High precision micropositioner SP100

SP100High precision micropositioner SP100

High-precision micropositioner with inline controls knobs, the SP100 will allow easy landing on pads as well as internal lines within micron accuracy.

- The down Z movement of the tip is totally vertical.
- The knobs with micrometric graduations (100TPI) allow an optimal density on the platen.
- Pivot head (Quick down Z for pre-positioning then fine movement) or Standard head with Z knob.
Mono zoom microscope

MS12ZMono zoom microscope

This microscope is composed by a single objective and an internal zoom.
It allows a wide range of magnification without turret disadvantage for probing application.

- Light and compact
- Large working distance WD (ideal for high frequencies measurements applications)
- C-mount for camera
- High brightness (LED optical fiber)
Thermal chuck controller

S1080Thermal chuck controller

The trip-temp chuck and controller (ambient-hot-cold) ranges from -60°C to +300°C and allows a complete temperature characterization of devices, whether they are partial wafers or full wafers up to 12".

- The temperature parameters setting is by touch screen panel or remote control
- The transition time from hot to cold or reverse is one of the fastest on the market
- It is possible to program a ramp while heating up
High voltage probe holder

HVPHigh voltage probe holder

This probe holder series allow high voltage measurements, up to 20KV.

Tip holding by spindle or by screw.
Useful for IV measurements on HV transistors and HV diodes.
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